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Wellness Treatment Center

Located in Ramat Hachayal Tel-Aviv Wellness for good life is a integrative medical center specializing in a healthy lifestyle, which engraves on its banner the provision of professional and quality service that aims to help and guide throughout a healthy life. The Wellness Center offers a natural, peaceful and comprehensive health experience, in which each patient receives personal and professional treatment.

Wellness combines Natural, Eastern, and Western (N.E.W.) approaches to optimal health. With over 40 years of experience, our staff of medical doctors, detox specialist, nutritionist, naturopaths, aesthetics and beauty experts as well as wellness coaches are dedicated to cater to your individual needs.

When you come to Wellness, you can leave your problems behind and start on a path to a more healthy and happy life.

The center is equipped with the latest equipment with the best advanced technologies with an emphasis on safety, quality, visibility and the customer experience. Where nature meets the future.

The Revolution of Tzufit Grant

"Take responsibility for your life"

"I decided that I would not leave to myself what I was going through, it was time for the world to know that there are more options for a healthy life, for a quality of life, for the joy of life beyond what we get from our daily lives ...

I want to tell you a few things briefly. I am 54 years old and really the last year is such a difficult experience for me in terms of health .... At the age of 50 I started menopause I had such a physical collapse. I started taking hormones of course I immediately gained 10 to 12 pounds in all sorts of weird areas, headaches, frustration, fatigue, bloating, bad habits that I put into this thing the amount of money I threw on various diet attempts, in normal situations they succeed. In the last year I have not had any more confidence. My headache was a minute before I also got into depression. There is no test I did not do including MRI I went to chiropractors and went to osteopaths and acupuncture nothing worked.

One day I woke up and decided to throw away the hormones and the next day I got a call from Dr. Raul Rodriguez, he told me come here and revealed to me a place that is going to be my home now. A place that changed my life, I'm not just telling you. It's not hear to sell you.  I would like to share with you this place called Wellness.

I went into a therapeutic process that included the whole range of treatments that the place offers ... the feeling that this place collects me and brought me back to life. I have no headaches. I'm vital, I'm very alert. I sleep at night. "

"It's just a miracle. A miracle happens to me. My life has changed 180 degrees and out of this place. I just have to have a sense of mission to take you on my journey in Valence."

You too deserve to regenerate and feel better about yourself and your body.

Sounds interesting? Leave details and a representative of the Wellness company will get back to you with details soon:

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