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Aesthetic Treatments

The ultimate way to look young and wonderful!

All aesthetics treatments at the Wellness Center are performed by qualified physicians.

Each and every one of us would like to get up in the morning, look in the mirror and love what he sees. It is true that time cannot be returned but nowadays there is an ultimate way to reach a wonderful and young look.

The appearance of wrinkles on our face is inevitable. But today, thanks to research and technological developments, it is possible to effectively fight the signs of age and delay their appearance.

The Wellness Center offers its customers innovative anti-aging treatments that allow for long-term results and even improved skin health, the internal cells that are responsible for its regeneration and external appearance.

Wrinkle smoothing is done using temporary and natural or permanent fillers.
The materials are inserted into the designated area and fill in the crease until it is maximally blurred. The result is a younger and fresher facial skin look.

The problems you can treat with the help of our aesthetic treatments -

  • Wrinkle Removal - Botox treatments allow for the reduction and disappearance of deep wrinkles
  • Skin improvement - At the Wellness Center, a selection of advanced methods for treating facial skin aging and re-revitalizing it.
  • Hyperhidrosis - Botox treatments are used to prevent hyperhidrosis in a variety of areas of the body.
  • Grinding teeth - Botox helps to partially paralyze muscles and thereby prevent jaw grinding.

Why do you get the best aesthetic treatment from us?

  • Immediate results - The treatment at the Wellness Center helps to achieve quick results of a younger facial skin appearance.
  • Quality of life - helps to achieve a significant improvement in daily quality of life and a feeling of comfort with our body.
  • Advanced technology - The Wellness Center uses the most advanced technologies in the field, to achieve optimal results.
  • Materials - Use of the highest quality and safest materials.

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