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Detox & Slim

Our most popular weight loss and detox program

We are happy to share with you the amazing process of Yuval who has already lost 5 kilos in less than a month and in addition has shrunk in circumference by about 10 cm.

With the help of a detoxification program and a customized diet, Yuval has achieved amazing results in a month!

The Program Includes -

A month-long process that combines two types of treatments:
  • Detoxification using the hydro-colonic method that helps to remove waste, reduce swelling and detoxify.
  • Full-body skinny rap that helps burn up to 800 calories in treatment, reduces circumference, eliminates cellulite and blurs the signs of weight loss.
  • A customized diet based on a urine and saliva test that shows us the level of acidity in the body, sugars, salts, toxins. With the help of the test results, we tailor a personal nutrition menu that will accompany you throughout the process.
    Professional support throughout the process that will guide you individually.
The package price is a limited-time offer only.
For personalization and registration, leave a phone number with your full name or call us * 9910

Avivit Bar Zohar recommends - an article in Maariv

אביבית בר זוהר - מעריה

Colon Hydrotherapy Treatment –

Is the basic treatment recommended for detoxification.

Method for cleansing the colon. Pure water flows to the colon at body temperature. The treatment lasts about 40 minutes during which waste that is in the body comes out.

The shape of the colon is characterized by twists. Therefore, inside the intestine, waste accumulates between the fittings that includes residues of food we ate. These residues can be in the gut for days and even months.

For a comprehensive reading on hydrocolonic treatment – click here

Scope treatment - Skinny wrap

Natural treatment is recommended for slimming and weight loss.

An innovative treatment performed by applying aromatherapy preparations and herbal formulas consisting of dozens of herbs.
The bandages contain natural oils and naturopathic preparations that help dissolve the fat.
We wrap the patient in special bandages. The treatment reduces volumes in a variety of body parts: abdomen, buttocks, hips and arms, as well as firms the thinning skin.

For a comprehensive reading about - Skinny Wrap treatment – click here

Detox diet –

Undoubtedly, detoxification is a significant and essential step for your health and in order to lose weight and get fit. It is recommended to combine hydrocolonic treatment with a natural and tailored diet for you.

A detox diet, based on vegetable juices only, for example are suitable for application for only about three days. On the other hand, if you want to switch to a healthier diet regularly, rich in essential ingredients and free of toxins - you should know what your body requires, and what ingredients you must include in the menu because without them you will have a very hard time functioning.

What detoxification problems can help?

  • Constipation and bloating - The toxins in the body damage the system and the activity of digestion and metabolism.
  • Excess weight - cleansing the body of toxins significantly helps get rid of excess fats.
  • Headaches and migraines - Toxins that accumulate in the body can be the cause of your headaches.
  • Skin and lesion problems - In many cases, skin problems and lesions are a symptom of a high concentration of toxins in the body.
  • Chronic fatigue - When the body is saturated with toxins there is a lack of energy and therefore experience fatigue.
  • Insomnia - Insomnia can occur as a result of high concentration of toxins in the body.
  • Lack of concentration - Accumulation of toxins in the body can be difficult and manifested in lack of concentration.

Why do you get the best detox with us?

  • The largest and most prestigious treatment center in Israel.
  • The best experienced and professional therapists in the field.
  • Advanced cleaning technologies for painless treatment.
  • A selection of nutritional supplements and products to strengthen the results.

About the program and recommendations

A detoxification program at the Wellness Center for Natural Medicine is an effective and healthy way that helps improve the natural detoxification action that takes place in the body, get rid of excess weight, leave the pain behind and regain energy and quality of life.

We invite you to the center for a counseling session where we will choose the right treatment for you!

Most often, the programs combine Colon Hydrotherapy treatments, proper natural nutrition and supplements to support the natural process. All treatments are performed by skilled therapists, using the most innovative and advanced equipment in the field. The treatment takes place in a clean and hygienic environment and is usually not accompanied by pain at all.

Who is it for?


The treatments in the program

Colon Hydrotherapy
One of the best and most common treatments today for cleansing the intestines and removing toxins and wastes from the body. This method has been around since 1906, and thousands of people who have undergone the treatment report a significant improvement in bowel activity (bowel movements) in a decrease in swelling, an increase in energy level and a feeling of lightness. Hydrocolonics treatment is a gentle treatment and is done by skilled therapists. Intestinal lavage is the fastest way to cleanse toxins. Of course in order to achieve maximum results it is advisable to incorporate a nutritional process.
Detox diet
During life, toxins accumulate in the body (especially in the liver). It happens as a result of the modern and industrialized diet, air pollution and as part of the natural process of life. The cleansing diet is a kind of 10,000 treatment for the body! The detox diet program is an effective and healthy way to regain your quality of life: get rid of excess weight and weight loss, get rid of stomach discomfort and regulate digestive function, leave migraines behind, regain the energy you once had, and significantly improve your blood tests.

Sounds interesting? Leave details and a representative of the Wellness company will get back to you with details soon:

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