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Energy renewal therapy

The treatment recommended by celebrities

Who would not want to feel like new, when his body is full of energy and vitality?

Body and energy regeneration treatments help with just that, and they do so by reducing stress and tension, stimulating the body, and improving its function at the level of each and every cell.

The treatment will begin with an initial introductory talk, followed by a deep tissue massage combined with lymphatic drainage to stimulate the body and help it cleanse itself of toxins and get rid of the signs of fatigue.
The treatment increases the blood circulation in the body and injects the lymph, individually tailored to the individual needs of each patient, helps to release the body and increase its proper functioning.

There are many cases where people try to solve these problems and increase the energy of the body by eating sugars, drinking coffee and cigarettes. These actions are not only harmful to the body, but also lead to an immediate and rapid drop in energy.

If you, too, feel lacking in energy and that something in your daily functioning is not working properly, you should be familiar with the treatment method developed by Neil Sucker, Master Hiller and International Coaching on the physical and mental side. This method makes it possible to stop the "storm of emotions" and preserve the body's natural energy. At the end of the treatment you will feel like new when your body is full of energy and vitality. Neil Sucker offers a unique treatment method for raising and renewing the body's energy.

This method combines deep massages and a vibrating device that releases stress and raises the level of energy in the body.
The unique treatment method developed by Neil is in demand among celebrities in Israel and abroad and is exclusive to the Wellness Center!

What are the benefits of treatment?

Negative emotions that overwhelm us, difficult emotions, poor energy - all interfere with our daily lives and make it difficult to behave properly. Energy regeneration therapy is suitable for relieving stress, releasing stress, renewing the body and mind, and is a thorough and deep treatment for disease prevention.

The treatment done at the Wellness Center helps to renew the energies, eliminate the negative emotions and treats the body and mind. Patients who underwent the treatment, felt how their body regenerates already after the end of the treatment.

The best energy renewal treatment - at the Wellness Center

  • Rejuvenation of the body and energy: the treatments are a refreshing and uplifting experience of rejuvenation, relaxation and lecturing alike
  • Stress Relief: The treatment is soothing and helps to break free from the daily stresses
  • Thorough and deep treatment: The renewal of the body and energy is done from the root, at the level of every cell and compartment
  • Disease prevention: The treatments contribute to excellent health and the prevention of diseases and problems resulting from overload and fatigue

"Neil's impact on my life has finally allowed me to live a life of health and happiness"

Who is Neil Sucker?

Neil is the world's leading expert in the field of energy balance in the human body, who in the last fifty years not only researched the subject and became a leading expert in it, but also developed a treatment and practice method that has been proven effective in stopping energy depletion and restoration.

Neil Sucker, who works in the United States, Israel and around the world, has gained a reputation as a unique and groundbreaking therapist. He advises and cares for Hollywood stars, world-renowned businessmen and senior US government officials. Among his patients over the years you will find Oprah Winfrey, Gon Clooney, Elvis Presley, George Burns, Arnon Milchen, Teddy Kollek, Rita, Yehoram Gaon, Miri Mesika, Marina Maximilian Blumin, Lehi Griner and many more.

Neil wrote most of his concept in his best-selling books, "A Guide to Life - Be Good to Yourself" and "How to Deal with the 21st Century Monster."


The recommendation of Marina Maximilian Blumin

Before going to bed I want to thank Haim and tell you about one of the most special people I have ever met. This is Neil Sucker. Davis among other things (!!!!) and how we were privileged that he lives and walks right here next to us. I have been making a pilgrimage to him for several years and he gives me strengths and precise, simple, powerful and brilliant guidance. In the world, and rarely falls on our part to get to know them and get a little bit of their wisdom. "That more people will be more balanced and good with themselves and the more we invest, respect and nurture our mind and body - so that the world will be a more beautiful place. Paz dreams."

Hadar Oknin interviews Neil:

Hadar: "I am Hadar Oknin, and I am at the Wellness Center for Health and Beauty. I have now done an amazing treatment with Neil Sucker sitting in front of me. This is an energy renewal treatment that is especially designed for people like me who sit in front of the computer for many hours a day. "Not so good. Now I feel just amazing after this treatment, and I would love for Neil to tell us about this treatment."

Neil: "It's a physical-mental treatment that in 40 minutes you regenerate. Come and enjoy something that I am the only one who knows how to do it in the world, and you will receive the gift of your life. "

Hadar: "Many thanks to Neil Bye Bye."

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