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Infusion of vitamins and minerals

Vitamins raise energy levels, and are essential for the body and health

Vitamin and mineral infusion is the most effective way to transfer fluids and micro-nutrients directly to your body, 100% absorption into the bloodstream. The various infusions are designed to aid in a wide variety of conditions as well as assist as a preventative treatment.

Our body contains about 60% water and it relies on this water to maintain cells, tissues, organs and other bodily functions. Also, our body is made up of vitamins and minerals that are essential ingredients for the existence and proper functioning of the body. Sometimes we do not drink enough and we are not able to consume the required amount of vitamins and minerals and therefore our body will have difficulty functioning optimally.

Vitamin intake solutions available today do not fit the style and pace of life today. This is exactly why transfusion of vitamins directly into the bloodstream is today considered the most trendy and sought-after treatment in the world. The trend has already conquered the celebrity clinics in the US!
During the drip = infusion, the patient receives a mixture of vitamins customized to his needs, by direct injection.

The treatment takes only about 30 minutes and is not accompanied by pain or discomfort, allows 100% of the vitamins to reach the bloodstream (compared to partial absorption in nutritional supplements), returns the body to optimal balance and function.

Benefits of infusing vitamins and minerals:

  • The infusion bypasses the digestive system and thus allows 100% absorption.
  • The dose and composition of the infusion are tailored to the patient and his condition.
  • Vitamin and mineral infusion is a simple treatment with almost no side effects

Did you know?

A significant number of celebrities in the United States use Drip, after spending time with good alcohol, in order to avoid the hangover phenomenon (Hangover - side effects of alcohol consumption) infamous. Introducing fluids, vitamins and minerals to the body, prevents dehydration, and helps systems return to balance In practice, it brings the body back to life and allows it to return to normal activity.

In which cases an infusion of vitamins and minerals helps




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