Pro Diet Spray


A natural, effective, and easy-to-use product

The development of advancement and science, make it possible today to skip the need to visit the doctor on a daily basis and the dubious pleasure of injecting a hormone on a daily basis (though not dangerous at all).
Today you can get a completely natural product called: Pro Diet based on herbs and homeopathically simulates the activity of the same hormone in an accurate and of course safe, easy and successful way.


The uniqueness of the product and method we built
A method adapted to today, a product that proves absolute efficiency, a method that has been tested by leading therapists and doctors, an easy plan to execute, dozens of patients and excited family members, these are part of a real revolution in the field that is taking place before our eyes.
The Pro Diet Plus product has been tested by therapists from the experts and experienced in the Israeli market, for example, and the method has been scientifically updated and adapted to the knowledge that has accumulated today and was not known in the past thanks to nutrition and food components.

Dr. Raul Rodriguez M.D. Physician, a senior veteran of Chinese and naturopathic medicine practitioners in Israel.

Boaz Schwartz N.D. Veteran naturopath and nutritionist, specializing in ORT and molecular medicine (cell repair at the micro-elemental level). Outstanding in thorough recognition of the Israeli market in the field of nutritional supplements, has owned a clinic since 1997 for natural medicine.

Everything offered in the Pro Diet Plus diet program has been tested and proven clinically effective after testing on many dozens of our clients who have been treated recently. The method we built is less extreme than the original method, built on 5 steps that give the customer all the tools to lose weight, but no less important to maintain it over time and in general. Of course, taking advantage of the vast knowledge that has accumulated since the end of Dr. Simmons’ research in the 1960s to the present day.

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