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Strengthening the Immune System

A selection of natural methods for strengthening the immune system!

The immune system is a collection of organs, cells and molecules, whose function is to protect and protect the body from viruses, bacteria, parasites and other contaminants. Our bodies contain viruses and parasites constantly, but we are not harmed if we have a normal immune system.

About the problem

Once the system is weak, those parasites raise their heads, attack the body, cause disease, and we begin to feel unwell. In order to prevent infection with new diseases or a decrease in the body's ability to deal with existing diseases, it is recommended to perform preventive treatments to strengthen the immune system, before the onset of symptoms of the disease. Strengthening the system is of great importance not only in prevention. A weak immune system will also cause a delay in recovery. Today the immune system can be strengthened through natural treatments!

There are several factors responsible for weakening the immune system, we will list the main ones:

  • Nutritional Imbalance - Most of the nutrition we consume in modern times is processed and industrial food, which does not contain enough nutrients and antioxidants that are essential for our bodies. Deficiency in nutrients leads to a decrease in the level of functioning of the body's immune system.
  • Food allergies - When the body receives food that is not good for it, which when absorbed into the blood is seen by the immune system as a foreign body, the immune system begins to function a little increased, which weakens the body.
  • Mental Influence - Stress, Stress and Insomnia - When our body is required to deal with a state of insomnia, stress or stress we make use of vital resources. If the mental distress lasts a long time or increases, the body is not enough to supplement the deficiencies through rest, which weakens our immune system and increases our chances of contracting bacteria and getting diseases.
  • Inactivity - Exercise releases oxygen to the body's tissues and immune system and improves the hormonal profile. Lack of exercise prevents oxygen supply and may disrupt vital processes.
  • Prolonged consumption of drugs - Prolonged consumption of drugs puts a strain on the activity of the liver, which leads to the weakening of the immune system. In addition, the antibiotic causes a decrease in the "good bacteria", those that are responsible for strengthening the digestive system.
  • Environmental effects - The immune system is also required to deal with polluting environmental factors such as air pollution, sprays and smoking. Exposure to environmental pollutants also contributes to the weakening of the immune system.
  • Chronic infections - We carry in our body chronic infections such as Candida and Helicobacter pylori in the gastrointestinal tract, chronic urinary tract infections and more. These weaken, suppress and confuse the immune system.

We invite you to read more about the weakness of the immune system, and the ways to strengthen it, in the natural treatments provided by professional and experienced therapists at the Wellness Center for Natural Medicine. Suffering from a weak immune system? Contact us today at 073-2811041 to schedule a treatment.

Symptoms of the problem

Weakness of the immune system is manifested in the following typical symptoms: tendency to patients, recurrent respiratory infections, recurrent urinary tract infections, multiple infections, wounds that do not heal over time, various food allergies, common allergies, autoimmune diseases, various fungi (eg Candida), indigestion And the like. Weakness of the immune system is a condition in which we are prone to get various and varied diseases, hence the importance of preventive treatment.

Problems are addressed

Immune-boosting therapy helps prevent a variety of problems and diseases:

  • Tendency to patients
  • Recurrent respiratory infections
  • Recurrent urinary tract infections
  • Various infections
  • Wounds that do not heal over time
  • Food allergies
  • Various allergies such as allergies to dust, animals, flowers and more.
  • autoimmune diseases
  • Various fungi, including Candida
  • Indigestion

Benefits of treatment

Treatment that strengthens the immune system has significant and varied benefits:

  • Identification and treatment of various diseases, in the first stages even before the aggravation and making the condition chronic.
  • Assistance in preventing diseases and infections even before the onset of symptoms.
  • Assistance in relieving allergies and predisposition to winter illnesses and various recurrent infections.
  • Balancing the harmful effects of an unbalanced lifestyle, such as damage due to irregular sleep, stress and strain, poor nutrition and more.
  • The treatment is a pleasant and relaxing and liberating experience, which reduces stress and strain.
  • The treatment is individual and unique to each patient, and is based on personal diagnosis.

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