Customers tell about the experience at the Wellness Center

Adi Himmelblau

When I first arrived at the Wellness Center I was apprehensive but the wonderful staff gave me a sense of security and calm. For me the most important thing I enter into a new place is cleanliness and aesthetics. Thank you so much for the dedicated care, today I feel much better, a sense of rejuvenation.

Adi Shilon

Familiar with those few pounds that refuse to part with you, no matter how many diets and sports you do? Obviously you know. We all. After years of weight war, years of weight and a transition from diet to diet, I came to the Wellness Center. I arrived after losing a considerable amount of pounds, with the help of exercise and maintaining a diet, but with an intense need to clean up anything that refused to come out of me. From the very first treatment I felt immense relief. An amazing feeling of lightness alongside renewed energy. I, who once felt the need to sleep for hours at noon, find myself in a marathon from early morning to night, and most importantly, looking at myself in the mirror, and loving what I see. Highly recommend!

Michal Gavrielov

For a long time I felt that I wanted to cleanse myself from the inside and that I had no way of doing it myself. I arrived for cleaning at the Wellness Center and after that I felt great relief, less bloating, pink in the cheeks and a new drive Cultivate my body and respect it (and even that evening I had already snacked on gluten-free bamba). Recommended !!! ** By the way, the caregiver was lovely, shared and explained while I felt comfortable.

Or Daniel

As someone whose health is important to her, I am interested in anything that can preserve my body and health. I had heard about the Wellness Center a long time ago and decided to go through a process of energy recovery. I felt improved and fatigue was gone, no doubt it was in time. Thank you to the center staff for your dedicated care and attention.

Liraz Cherki

Thanks to the Wellness Center, This is the first year for my mothers and following my diet change and meetings at the Wellness Center, I feel wonderful, more energetic and responsible for taking care of myself as well. Liraz Cherki

Einat Erlich

There are so many of their purifications we need, Purification of the mind, purification of the body But what is body cleansing…? One of his most important things we need is the method of cleaning the wellness center - Real cleansing to the walls of the intestines Just looking at the device we do not understand how we did not do it before… The feeling is wonderful, of cleanliness that there is no desire to spoil it. I thank all the staff who support and embrace during and after the treatment. How I did not do it before!

Sharon Haziz

I arrived at the Wellness Center with a feeling of tiredness. After the treatment I felt completely calm and relaxed, my body was flooded with a feeling of peace, and I felt that the fatigue was gone. I would like to thank you for your dedicated and successful care.

Dana Grotzky

My life has changed - my way of thinking, my way of looking, my alertness, my vitality. I have changed and in the most positive sense of the word. All thanks to the Wellness Center who renewed my body and mind. Thank you!

Hani Nachmias

For years I have been reading about - cleansing toxins from the body and I never dared. As someone who adheres to proper nutrition, exercise and a healthy lifestyle, I thought that the act of detoxification could be a kind of 'pre-emptive remedy' - that is, to remove from the gut waste that could become a problem in the future. In the end I mustered up the courage and reached the center of Wellness. The operation lasted 45 minutes and was much friendlier than I had imagined. The feeling after was pleasant and purified. Thank you - Hani

Itzik Baram

Thanks! I would like to express my gratitude for the wonderful treatment I have undergone with you. For me, the success of many things in life is judged by results. According to this index, I am happy to share with you the following facts: During the treatment I lost more than 10 kg, which were excess and completely unnecessary. In the results of the blood tests that I did after the treatment, there was a huge improvement, in all the parameters, Compared to my condition according to the treatment. My general feeling has also improved and to this can be added the compliments I receive from those around me, about my general appearance… I am also grateful for the dedicated care of the nursing staff and the great concern of the administrative staff Many thanks to you all

Dr. Rachel Mamlok-Naaman

To whom it may concern! Re: I recommended the Wellness Center. I arrived at the Wellness Center, after a long time I felt unwell. I was overweight, exhausted and had high blood pressure. In the introductory talk, I was convinced by the logic that in the method proposed by the director of the Wellness Center, I decided to start treatment. The treatment, which included a diet coordinated for my metabolism and supplements. Already after 2-3 treatments, I felt better. Today after 8 treatments, it can be summed up and said, that my weight loss is significant, my physical fitness is good and my blood pressure is normal. The skills of the professional staff of the Wellness Center are reflected in excellent work, organized, careful, tailored to each and every one, and while exercising originality and criticism. The rich experience of the Wellness Center staff in the field of nutrition may make a significant contribution to many people. I have no doubt that it would have been worthwhile for anyone to experience this method of treatment, which I highly recommend. Best regards, Dr. Rachel Mamlok-Naaman

Naha Zmora

Subject: Thank you "According to demonstrations in an air tunnel, the bee has been shown to be unable to fly. This is because its relative weight and structure along its wings do not allow it to fly. But since the bee is not at all aware of scientific facts about it and is particularly stubborn in its opinions - it flies and also produces honey… " On the professionalism, on the humanity, on the dedication and on making the seemingly unattainable, while planting a sense of personal competence and self-belief. For a wonderful and happy lifestyle - free of pain, fatigue and extra pounds !!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Great appreciation, Naha Zmora

Etzioni Moshe

To the Wellness Center, Let me say three words to you Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! Thank you for your willingness and attention, listen, advise and talk. Thanks for the follow-up and dedicated care that undoubtedly brought the result. You gave me the right perspective and prism, Through her I can look differently. I can testify that I entered you on a crouched floor, and exited with your help on an upright floor. For all these and more, Thank you very much and well done! Thank you! Etzioni Moshe

Miri Koppeld

In honor of the Wellness Center: I want to thank you for changing my life since I met you. Today I feel much better than before if it's in terms of weight, and there is no more bloating in my stomach. I used to have a terrible problem with going to the bathroom and nothing helped me. Only thanks to you have I been able to solve the troublesome problem that has plagued me for years. Today I walk down the street and people compliment me: "What did you stop eating," "What a piece," "How thin you are." I just feel like I was reborn and all thanks to you. I just have no words but to say thank you from the bottom of my heart: Thank you so much for helping me and for being nice and patient Miri Koppeld

Mali Aharoni

To the Wellness Center, I would like to thank the staff of the center for the personal and dedicated care of Candida Diet that I went through at the Wellness Center. The treatment I underwent at the Wellness Center was the natural and best treatment that treated the problem of obesity, cholesterol, constipation and detoxification in my body and together with a combination of proper nutrition, encouragement tests, support and the process of cleansing the body of toxins and with natural supplements I lost about 21 kg. 5 months. Candida Diet is 100% success and I wholeheartedly recommend it! Congratulations on getting to know the Wellness Center, and for saving my life. Thanks to you I feel healthy, lean and happy of all! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Mali Aharoni

Mor Orly

In honor of the Wellness Center, I suffered from migraines for many, many years and was absent from work for many days as a result. 11 months ago I came to the Wellness Center and started going through a process of health program that includes cleansing toxins from the body. The results were not long in coming. Today I am already without migraines and even without mild headaches. I thank the professional team for the right care, thanks to the care of the Wellness Center I got a new and happy life. Mor Orly.

Yafa Hoek

To the Wellness Center! After a short treatment of about two months it is finally possible to emphasize the waist, We have to put in a little more effort, and for encouragement - all I have left to do is express. I wanted to tell you a little word a word that says a lot, A word that is shrouded in much appreciation, Thanks! A tiny word with only four letters, A huge word that the eyes say, A word that puts a smile on your face, And causes good in the heart for many years. Thank you is a word that many say, So mostly it's a feeling when you are silent. A slightly different word from all the words A different word Which says Thanks!

Dioma and the children of the Shanti House

In honor of the Wellness Center, I would like to thank you personally, and on behalf of the children of the Shanti House and say that all the most praiseworthy words will not be able to describe the help and support you have provided for the continued survival of the Shanti House. We believe that when joint energies are invested, a common goal can be achieved: that there will be no street children in the State of Israel, that we can secure their future, give them a warm bed, encourage them to regain confidence in themselves and the people around them. Welcome, dear staff See you are welcome at any time to visit us, as part of our large family. Thank you for your openness, Medium and the children of the Shanti House

Hava Nolbaum

About three months ago I arrived at the Wellness Center, after visiting a number of "idols" and spending a lot of energy and money and nothing happened. The professional staff of the Wellness Center with a lot of knowledge, confidence and a strong desire to help people with all my heart, managed to work for me a medical miracle that I applied to him for about 10 years and I am very grateful for that. When I got to the Wellness Center, my blood sugar was very high and I was a minute before insulin. The situation today is that I have lost my sugar level, the amount of pills and the weight - I feel great and with a little more effort I will reach my dream "that we will throw the pills in the trash". Thanks for the diet menu you prepared for me, I am relaxed and feel it is just a way of life and not a diet. This is something I can stand. It helped me a lot that the center staff is flexible and fluid with my desires and craziness. I wanted to point out her wonderful kindness and my constant smile Ravit. And again many thanks Hava Nolbaum


To the Wellness Center staff Thank you very much for your dedicated care. The law of giving, the universe operates through dynamic exchange… Giving and receiving are different aspects of the energy flow in the universe. And we are willing to give what we ask, We maintain the abundance of the universe that will continue to flow in our lives. With lots of love and light and hope you get all the good back That you give to others

Ziva Mankerman

To the staff of the Wellness Center, I would like to thank you for the treatment and the warm treatment you gave me during the hydrocolonic treatment I underwent in your clinic. I came to you after a long period of suffering from constipation, high sugar (I was treated with various pills that were replaced because I thought they were causing the stomach problems I suffered from such as gas and bloating) Candida, high blood pressure, blood lipids and so on. Here after 10 treatments I felt improved beyond recognition. The most amazing thing is that my blood sugar has dropped despite the carrots, beets and sweet potatoes I eat every day. I find it hard to believe and from time to time I go back to measuring the sugar level and am amazed at the sight of the monitor on a device that does not exceed 90. Of course I do not take the globe pills to lower the sugar, every day I make sure to drink a glass of sector juice. Beets and celery leaves. The constipation passed and with it all the other symptoms. I feel great, I lost about 6 kg and the circumference was reduced so I left with another gain. The gracious and skilled caregivers added to my good feeling for that I thank you all. Straighten power, Ziva Mankerman

Dalia Shaked

To the Wellness Center - A thousand thanks, For giving me a chance this time - to fulfill a dream. When I came to the Wellness Center 10 weeks ago for a first date I did not honestly know what it would feel like, It sounds unrealistic, it sounds imaginary, it sounds wrong, there is no awareness in our country for this type of treatment, but there are results, I was immediately enthusiastic, and said in my heart must try, also cleansing, also weight loss, also decrease cholesterol level, also feel good, fatigue disappears. You arrived at the clinic, I went in and was impressed, a pleasant smell greeted me, thank you for the health you gave me, I came to the Wellness Center skeptical and scared and came out cheering with a lot of hope. And here are 10 treatments and I am happy, smiling, energetic, thin, full, not hungry, I know what to eat - more than ever and happy that you have come this far. From such an inseparable experience, I will return and arrive with a smile on my face, this time it's real, this time it's forever. Thank you, Dalia Shaked

Gila Keren

I arrived at the Wellness Center with being overweight, feeling heavy, tired and depressed. I was looking for a supportive framework that is not a support group. I found a listening ear to my complaints and warm support for all my requests. The Wellness Center staff adapted a diet that became my second nature, I turned the addiction to carbs and sweets into an addiction to the feeling of lightness. Today two months later, I have lost 11 kg from my weight and the feeling is wonderful. There is less food in my life, but I gained lightness, energy and joy. The Wellness Center is a homely, family-friendly, cozy, clean and relaxed place. Excited for the weekly sessions and treatments, I found support without a group! Thank you to the caregivers, and to the lovely comfort.

Efrat Rabinowitz

I came to the Wellness Center following: Candida and digestive problems, my quality of life was poor, I felt bad, I had dizziness and my general feeling was not good. I got to the Wellness Center via the internet, and from the first week of treatment my general feeling improved a lot, as if I was "back to life". The diet given to me by the professional staff was varied and did not make me feel like I was starving myself, the detoxification only added and also made me feel clean on the inside everything of course was accompanied by the close guidance of the wellness care team. It is known that everything starts from the inside and in what we eat, the Wellness Center staff gave me the things that suit me to eat to the maximum and made my longevity healthy and good I'm happy I started the treatment, and it's a shame I didn’t get to the Wellness Center earlier, but better now than never. This is a treatment recommended for anyone who wants to live well and healthy

Nella Goldberg

At first I really got scared and skeptical about the process, as a self-assured one I came to discover that there are better ones than me and that my lifestyle, when it comes to poor nutrition. At the Wellness Center I realized the damage I do to my body and the importance of nutrition for the healthy functioning of the systems. I met an amazing and professional team that gave me an amazing experience that I recommend to everyone, it is said that a healthy mind in a healthy body! I had a busy year, I started studying for a degree in communication and management, I am a first year student, hard but dragging. I present a regular corner of YouTube and Twitter on the One channel and in addition I was recently appointed to be a field reporter at Walla Zone + Lifestyle Corner + Styling, and in another week I will finish a game course in front of a camera… I have no air, and I still run around in my spare time. There is no doubt that this amazing treatment came to me just in time!

Ricky Gal

Have you ever felt like a fish caught with the rod of an outstanding fisherman who loves the fish he hunts, and knows their nature well? Well, that's what happened to me about 10 years ago, when I was walking down the street around a house and suddenly I heard the voice of a man standing next to me and asking me a direct question: "Did you drink today?" , "Did you have a good exit (i.e .: bowel movement)?" I was amazed at the direct questions and immediately also captivated by the look of his face, his voice and his honest and direct way of speaking and my curiosity convinced me to continue talking to him about body care and care, because these are topics that concern me daily and I am ready to absorb more information. A lot to learn in this field existential facts that seem simple and understandable to us, "nature does the work", indeed yes, but with great talent and widespread ignorance we have managed to ignore our in-body modes of action, "we'll leave it to the doctors", but my feelings tell me that in any of us exists The possibility of knowing about himself, his body, his soul, much more than we believe. It was Neil Scar (the fisherman) who awakened and reminded me of the need to observe nature and human nature, to learn about my existence, if only a few things that would help me maintain my health and joy of life, as much as possible. I first met Dr. Adi Sucker (PhD), a nutritionist and gastrointestinal specialist, Neil's son and no wonder the son followed his father and studied gastro theory in the US, as if he wanted to scientifically study body function from its natural base, and spent days studying and searching for materials Natural in various compounds that help the bowel function, reduce stress due to indigestion, and in the field of symptoms such as: diabetes, obesity, headaches, high blood pressure and more, all health enemies, in an era of trans-Atlantic, material, competitive, insane life to the point of frightening numbers Of people, the computer is a substitute for sunlight, or any other light, how a pity! In the pleasant clinic they set up, the "Wellness Center", they performed a urine test, weight, metabolism, fat percentage, level of food digestion and more, you could start and take seriously and with dedication, step by step, all the findings and embark on a new path "Smart First - Order and Cleanliness". Cleansing the body and not necessarily hygiene, but in a hygienic way, cleansing done in several ways such as: COLLONICS Aesthetic device for rinsing the intestines with lukewarm water, while lying on a pleasant and warm treatment bed and gentle massage of the abdomen, daily drinking of fruit and vegetable juices, eating fresh foods adapted to the type The blood and the results of the personal tests. Intended for sports and movement that strengthen the muscular systems and contribute to the concentration and sense of power of body and mind, criminological thinking in the right concepts that encourage the brain to improve the ability and willpower to rehabilitate the mind, create and enjoy moment by moment in a regular and continuous way. Allow yourself to swim in the good sea and great nature as fish and fishermen alike. We are all organic, and for me: light - in my garden. Ricky Gal Singer and actress

Claude Dadia

The athletic appearance of dancer and choreographer Claude Dadia, known to many as the judge from the reality show "Dancing with the Stars", did not for a long time close the pain he felt because of the candida fungus that gnawed at his body, causing severe abdominal pain and constant fatigue. But a few months ago his life changed beyond recognition when he turned to the Wellness Center, where he was given a nutritional plan tailored to his blood and gland type, and he began hydrotherapy treatments: an internal flush designed to cleanse the colon of the much accumulated waste in it. "My personal life has changed fundamentally. Suddenly I have more time for the simple reason that I have more energy and strength than before," he says, fresh and energetic, a few minutes after leaving a treatment that takes place in the late afternoon and shortly before heading for the Dead Sea. If he had a performance from it, he would only return in the wee hours of the night. "It's like doing a 'restart' of the body so I try to do therapy when I know a full day is waiting for me. Today for example, I came here after sessions and training at the gym, which made me fall a bit, but now I feel light and energetic. It's really a feeling of levitation." These energies are needed for Dadia in order for him to survive his eventful days. "It's like magic," he describes, "in the past I would come tired to activities and on days when I had no shows, I fell powerless already at eight or nine in the evening, but since I started the treatments I am sharper and more alert." "I found that today I no longer say to myself sentences like 'I have no strength to teach today', or 'I feel like closing my cellphone and having lunch.' I even have the energy to continue the day even after finishing work." He adds that his surroundings also do not remain indifferent in the face of the change that has taken place in him: "All the people close to me remark to me that I am more radiant and energetic than before." Dadia, or 39-year-old Tu Tu, does define himself as a "follower of the health world" and specs, who has always tried to maintain a healthy diet and physical fitness. But even though he thought he knew "all the rules," he had a hard time maintaining a balanced weight. If that wasn’t enough, his intense lifestyle, which has lasted for over 20 years, has done its thing: the Candida fungus has taken over his body and caused abdominal pain, migraines and frequent exhaustion. Only the treatments he has undergone in recent months, along with dietary changes recommended by the Wellness Center, have allowed him to easily maintain a balanced weight, while he said he has improved his condition considerably and relieved his pain. "I admit that I am addicted to work and a kind of 'freak control', because I have to do everything. I am also very sensitive and tend to accumulate anger, which causes tension drops. Because it all concentrates on my stomach, the treatments allow me to 'clean all the systems', also physically. And mentally as well. " Dadia points out that all this is possible thanks to the positive and soothing energy that prevails in the magnificent clinic, and of course thanks to the professional and dedicated staff who work there: "The treatment does not come down to cleaning itself. It is accompanied by massage and conversation with the therapist, which can save a visit to a psychologist. The subtleties. " It is important for Dadia to also tell about the significant contribution that was added to his life thanks to the emergency, a concentration of vitamin C to which the Wellness Center was exposed. "I always have an emergency in the bag and I drink it before every exercise. For me it's like a shot of vigor." "After many years of searching, I feel I have found the king's way and I have finally come to the right place. The Wellness Center is like home. Thanks to the treatment I underwent at the Wellness Center I feel reborn," Dadia compliments, concluding with an important statement, showing that he studied or two instead. : "People are mainly concerned with their external aesthetics and less with what happens inside. It's a pity they are unaware that the external sucks from the internal: the colon absorbs a lot of dirt regularly so it's important to clean the internal systems, just as it is important to brush your teeth."

Shalom Orna

About two months ago I went to the Wellness Center due to digestive problems I had. I was invited to a meeting with the director of the center, a urine and saliva test was performed on me with my consent, I underwent a bowel cleansing and after that I met with the director of the Wellness Center to receive the findings. In conversation with him, I brought up with him the constipation problems I suffer from, their implications for me, my eating and eating habits and my expectations of treatment. The director of the Wellness Center reviewed the results of my tests and explained that according to the urine and saliva test, the level of my toxins in my body is high. In a conversation with him he gave me a list of food products that I am allowed to eat based on the findings and created a menu that suits my taste and recommended ten treatments. Needless to say, since then I have lost about four pounds thanks to my contact with the center and my personal meeting with the center manager, and with his guidance, I learned how to drink properly, I gradually learned to control everything that came into my mouth, I started abstaining from mayonnaise, pickles, white flour, borax , Croissants, and dairy products (excluding yogurt). I would like to point out that I do not refer to the menu I received from the center as a "diet", but as a process of changing eating and eating habits that directly affect my quality of life. For about two months now I have not been suffering from the swelling, hiccups and burping that I have suffered so far. As I mentioned, I have lost about four pounds from my weight and I am complimented by those around me about the weight loss and about my facial skin that has been looking good lately. Also during the treatment the caregivers who treated me, who are students of naturopathy, constantly give me tips on proper nutrition, encourage and support me in the process I am going through. I highly recommend to anyone who has tried over the years to fight a problem called "constipation". Go through the bowel cleansing treatment. For a relaxed and healthy feeling. Regards and thanks in advance, Shalom Orna

Rene Anusherblum

To the Wellness Center, When I came to you I was after 3 years of suffering as a result of respiratory problems defined by the doctors as allergic asthma. I had bouts of shortness of breath, including hospitalization. Also, my nose was clogged most of the time, I could not breathe and as a result I suffered from severe insomnia. I was completely desperate after trying different and weird methods of treatments that did not solve my problem and finally I arrived despite my desire to also take medications and steroids after being diagnosed with 65% utilization of lung volume, and severe inflammation of the nasal mucosa all due to allergies. Today after several months of excellent treatment I do not use any medications whatsoever. I feel great, function great, exercise in the gym, breathe freely and even lost weight and everyone tells me I look great and a really dramatic makeover. I'm 55 today, feeling as young and energetic as I have not felt in a lot of oil, not a day goes by that I do not thank the Wellness Center staff for helping me stand firm again. In gratitude and many thanks, Rene Anusherblum

Ronit Shoshan

לצוות מרכז וולנס, הגעתי אליכם עקב בעיה שהטרידה אותי במשך 9 שנים, הקנדידה שישבה במעיי והרסה על חלקה טובה בגופי. סבלתי מעייפות במשך שנים, כאבי בטן, שלשולים, אי יכולת לשמור על משקל קבוע, וכן פגע ביחסי האינטימיים עם בן זוגי. אחרי שלא הועילו כל הטיפולים שעברתי הן הקונבנציונליים והן האלטרנטיביים הגעתי אליכם כמוצא אחרון. כבר אחרי הטיפול הראשון הרגשתי שינוי אפילו מעין תחושת "ריחוץ" ירדתי במשקל כ-5 ק"ג ונשארתי במשקל הרצוי לי עד היום. העייפות הכרונית ממנה סבלתי נעלמה לחלוטין. ואחרי חודשיים של טיפולים הקנדידה נעלמה מגופי. עד ליום זה קשה לי להאמין שאכן נרפאתי כי כמעט איבדתי אמונה שהקנדידה תעלם, אך צוות מרכז וולנס בתמיכתו החזיר לי האמונה ורפאתי. לכן כאן המקום לומר תודה מקרב לב שהנייר לא יכול לבטאה. באיזשהו מובן הצלתם את חיי. מרונית שושן

Meshulam Henry

To the Wellness Center Subject: Thank you! I would like to express my gratitude in this letter of appreciation for the change, in receiving an improved lifestyle and in a significant health benefit that has occurred to me after your dedicated care of me using the hydro-colonial method and not the conventional method !! Due to exacerbations in health condition such as:
  • Weakness in kidney function.
  • High pressure.
  • Abdominal pain and persistent internal gas.
  • Chronic fatigue without any motivation, and anesthesia in the face of everything.
  • The horrific blood test results in addition to the above findings led the professional doctors who treated me to the conclusion that they could not do anything and I was only sent for a number of ongoing ultrasound echocardiograms, 24 hour urine collection and so on.
And here after 4 treatments and a combination of a diet unique to the wellness center (without phlegm) which caused the disappearance of all the above problems and most important of all were the results of the medical laboratory tests that showed a complete improvement in kidney function:
  • Decrease from 109 to 68 Urea B uric acid
  • Decrease from 1.9 to 1.5 CREATININ B
  • Decrease from 150 to 85 Pht intact
The change in general feeling, the disappearance of excessive fatigue, a decrease in blood pressure to 110-75 and the results of the above medical laboratory tests show a positive positive change in my health, if this is due to the unique diet of the Wellness Center, the colon cleansing treatments I underwent at the Wellness Center, despite much skepticism Of conventional conventional doctors who did not believe in treatment but noted "if it does not help it will not hurt" For that you deserve this expression of thanks !! Meshulam Henry

Lee Paul

In honor of the Wellness Center Subject: Thank you I must point out that I arrived at the Wellness Center in poor physical condition and completely exhausted, after countless complaints to conventional doctors from various health funds who gave me countless different and strange diagnoses and when my condition did not improve there were some who hinted that maybe my mental condition was worse than physical. "ברור) It is clear to me that a 23-year-old girl after full military service with a profile of 97 and after service in the Israel Police also with completely normal health without past illnesses should not reach the state I reached, a state where the body is sensitive to any virus that passes in the environment. Something, a state of helplessness because at the HMO I am sent home with a sick leave and paracetamol form and yet the situation only gets worse without a cure. It was only when I arrived at the Wellness Center, already on the first visit I realized how much damage was done to me by HMO doctors, not in what they did but in what they did not… Already on the first visit I felt an improvement that only increased during the other treatments, I realized that with proper nutrition, body cleanliness , Proper breathing and minimal fitness exercises can return the body to a healthy state, by vitamins given to me the body was strengthened, the digestive system returned to normal function and accordingly a general feeling of health and physical strength (as well as mental), over time I returned to normal work, I returned to enjoy life , To hang out, and feel good every day, like any girl my age. Needless to say, I have not returned to HMO clinic since. I sincerely hope that every person in this country will understand that in the health system in the country, as it is, not enough, I am sure that like me there are many helpless people, living only a third of their physical capacity, that correct information and treatment with advanced methods (we are already at the beginning of the 21st century) Trains paracetamol pills. I really appreciate your help and thank you for helping me get back to what I always was, strong and healthy. With thanks and great respect, Lee Paul

Gavia Ziva

Today on 07/12/2000 on the morning of a clear day in winter at 5:45 in the morning, I am sitting to write you this letter. Every word that comes out of my letter comes out of my heart. I have no words to thank you for the dedicated, patient and warm care you have given me. 52 days ago I arrived at the clinic, a little scared of the treatment I was supposed to undergo, but knowing full well that I had no other way left, as there was no longer a doctor I had not visited, and I would spare you the list of doctors. From a psychiatrist, to a vascular doctor, I came to the clinic as a broken vessel. From the outside they did not see much, but that was what I felt When I heard that there are doctors who treat by adjusting the diet to the blood type, I decided I was going for it and not giving up. About 10 years ago I developed depression, which was diagnosed as a physiological and not a psychological condition, the difference between them is that in the physiological condition you are aware of everything you are going through, so it was determined that I will receive medication and have no need for mental conversations. Well I was given medication that only helped me after a few months. I spent the period of illness in bed of course, with almost no eating and no functioning at home when I am married and a mother of two lovely children, who need not even describe how much I if a mother loves her children. But when I lay in bed, I did not understand what I needed you for, and as they passed down the slope I thought to myself what they were doing here. Over the years I have had pills of all kinds changed, there have been ups and downs but the situation has never been like before the disease I never functioned fully. I who did handicrafts from the age of 5 I stopped functioning. At home there was disorder, food was scarce, my hands became paralyzed, something in my brain stopped moving them and I was unable to do anything. In recent years the situation has already hit me physically, I was no longer able to function physically, all I wanted was to rest and sleep. At home things were done like robot, laundry, food, but tidying up the house was impossible. The hands simply refused to function and then also came pains in the body, in all sorts of places. Standing on my feet for more than half an hour, was impossible, I had to rest. The weight went up even though I had not eaten more than before. No diet helped me lose weight so I gave it up in advance. My stomach was swollen about the ninth month with a feeling I could barely breathe. They have already started asking me about this belly. I could hardly walk anymore and I am only 48. All day I was yawning and sleeping, out of 24 hours a day, I slept 16 hours. Today I sleep 6 hours, my legs are able to stand for long hours without getting tired and functioning at home properly. To my children the mother she was! Although the little son did not get to know his mother so much because he was very small when I got sick. Today, my kids are happy and enjoying having a whole mom back and just praying it won’t end. My husband walks around the prison believing and enjoys it too. And here it is my turn to thank you for everything, for bringing me back from the gray life I had until today, to beautiful, bright and sunny days that I never thought I would see again. Thank you, with all your heart and body, Yours, Ziva Cup

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