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Magnetic therapy in MRI

Electromagnetic treatment

A method of treatment without medication using the MRT device, which induces the body, a magnetic field in frequency, itself and wave frequencies adapted to the patient's problem.

The MRT device allows simultaneous operation on all systems and organs in the body with a rotating magnetic field.

Every cell in the body has a magnetic field that can change.
Magnetic field therapy helps balance its magnetic field.

Magnetotherapy is the name of the above alternative treatment.

We use an alma MRT device. Some of the benefits of this unique device are the creation of a magnetic field simultaneously on the entire body from head to heel. Also, this device uses special software that allows to change the power, phase and shape of the magnetic breast compared to other existing devices.


Dr. David Michaeli, a neurosurgeon and developer of a unique method of treating pain, briefly explains the alma mater MRT device -

"The alma MRT device is unique in the Middle East and is also found in Israel. This device balances the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. It also treats various patients with an oncological, surgical, neurological and neurosurgical and cardiological profile."

Did you know?

At the 2014 Olympics, MRI was used for rehabilitation and pain relief

Background for electromagnetic field treatment

Our body is made up of a subunit called a cell. The cell is the basic unit of life from which all living beings are made. The cells regularly perform operations that include insertion of essential components, waste emission and repair of cell damage.

The cell is wrapped in a shell called the cell membrane (membrane), which separates it from the external environment. The control and communication between the cells is performed by transferring charged particles from the inside to the outside of the cell and vice versa.

The cells have an electric charge that creates a voltage difference between their inner part and the outer part and thus allows the particles to pass through the membrane.

Magnetic wave therapy has been studied in hundreds of clinical studies and has been found to improve and help the following problems -


Dr. Michael Herling, a family doctor at Maccabi who qualified for the semi-finals of Ninja Israel

Dr. Herling performed a series of treatments with the electromagnetic device.

"For faster recovery from tremendous physical exertion, I wash my body once a month with a state-of-the-art PEMF device similar to the MRI seen in the picture. This is a short treatment of about 20 minutes with no side effects."

Dr. Herling tells readers of his blog, where he shares with them about magnetic therapies and their effectiveness

To read the full article, click here

Stories of other patients who were helped by this treatment-

  • D. Gabriel, 51, suffered from migraines and lower back pain. After the fifth treatment the patient felt a decrease in the sensation of pain and after a series of treatments the pain stopped.
  • A. The 28-year-old fiance suffered from migraines and lower back pain. After the third treatment the patient felt a decrease in the sensation of pain and after a month the pain stopped. Even after three months the patient reported that he did not feel any pain.
  • N. Kato, 83, suffered from colds, lymphastasis, high blood pressure and leukemia. The patient responded well to treatment. The swelling in his legs went down after five treatments and he was able to walk. He also had a lot more energy and a sense of well-being. His blood pressure returned to normal and drug use decreased.
  • M. Bat-Ada, 58, suffered from type 2 diabetes, diabetic and pirated neuropathy, bilateral angiopathy, high blood pressure and lower back pain due to spinal stenosis. After the fifth treatment the patient was able to walk long distances again and there was a significant reduction in leg pain. After 6 weeks of treatment the back pain decreased, the blood pressure returned to normal. Insulin consumption was also halved.
  • M. Littman, 48, suffered from shoulder pain and was unable to lift her left arm. The patient responded positively to the treatments and the shoulder pain stopped and she was also able to move the shoulder freely.


שאלות ותשובות: טיפול מגנטי ב-MRT

Is every problem given the same treatment?
The system adjusts the treatment, frequency and empowerment according to the patient's data and the problems he suffers from.
Are there any contraindications to treatment?
As mentioned the treatment is safe. But is not suitable for people with a pacemaker, epilepsy and those who are not suitable for MRI treatment.

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