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Treatment with PRP plasma

To help renew hair growth and prevent baldness

What is the treatment?

Hair loss and baldness are common among men and women.
The most common cause of alopecia is a genetic background known as androgenic alopecia.
There is also temporary alopecia due to external causes and regional alopecia.

Platelet rich plasma or PRP for short
PRP treatment is one of the most prominent treatments for the prevention of baldness and the renewal of hair growth. This is a method that allows us to utilize our blood to accelerate hair growth.
The treatment is also suitable for those who have already performed a hair transplant in the past.

The treatment process -

  • Some blood was taken from the patient
  • Cleansing of the blood from red blood cells and concentration of platelets in the plasma.
  • Anesthetize the scalp areas where there is hair loss
  • Inject the platelet-rich fluid into the scalp skin

The injection is performed by a special gun that ensures accurate and uniform distribution at hundreds of points across the scalp. The gun is aimed at the exact depth required for maximum results.

Why are platelets injected into the balding area?

Platelets help heal a wound and heal tissue after an injury. They also secrete substances that encourage cells to regenerate. When the platelets are injected into the balding area of ​​the scalp, they encourage healing of degenerating follicles, increase follicle growth and renew hair growth. The concentration of platelets in the injected plasma fluid is usually 3 to 7 times higher than its concentration in the blood. This is a sufficient amount of growth factors that helps to resume hair growth.

The injected plasma fluid also contains over 20 growth factors that help in better blood supply to the tissue, encouraging connective tissue cells that strengthen the hair and proteins that affect the regeneration of the cells that grow hair. There are also growth factors in plasma that inhibit inflammatory processes. Usually these are the processes that increase hair loss.

Is PRP treatment dangerous?

The treatment is safe due to the patient's blood use, so there is no chance of rejection.

Advantages of the PRP process -

  • No side effects
  • Use of the best equipment in Israel and in the world
  • Success rates above 90%
  • Performed by Dr. Raul Rodriguez, a certified and skilled physician with many years of experience

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